Dependent Visa

To enable your family to accompany you abroad, it is essential to obtain a dependent visa. This visa facilitates the establishment of a home with your loved ones while pursuing a brighter future. The support and proximity of family members contribute to a sense of calm and inspiration for enhanced productivity.

What is a Dependent Visa?

A dependent visa, alternatively referred to as a family visa or spousal visa, is a category of visa that permits the family members or dependents of an individual holding a valid visa or possessing legal residency in a specific country to join them in that country.

Having a dependent visa offers the following privileges for dependents:

  • Residing with the primary applicant/family.
  • Traveling and exploring.
  • Studying in an educational institution (in certain cases).
  • Working (in certain cases).

Various types of dependent visas include:

  • Temporary visa
  • Permanent visa
  1. Spouses/partners holding temporary Dependent Visas typically enjoy limited work rights based on their visa validity in most countries, except the US.
  2. Dependents granted Permanent Residence Visas have the freedom to live, study, and work for as long as they maintain their permanent resident status.


This certificate officially recognizes an individual's dependent status for all legal and formal purposes. It serves as an official document issued to citizens by their respective country's government, confirming and acknowledging their dependent status.

Dependents refer to individuals who do not generate income themselves but rely on another person—whether a spouse, parent, or close relative—for essential necessities like food, shelter, and other basic needs. Possessing a dependent certificate allows you to apply for a dependent visa in the country where the primary provider for the family resides.

In India, you can establish your dependent status by obtaining a birth certificate and providing proof of identity, such as an Aadhar Card, a valid passport, or a driver's license.


The eligibility criteria for applying for a dependent visa vary among different countries, and there is no uniform set of requirements. However, the following criteria are commonly applicable:

  • Applicants must hold a valid passport.
  • Submission of a completed application along with the required fee.
  • Proof of work and income from the sponsor.
  • Completion of a medical examination and evidence of sufficient insurance coverage for dependents.
  • The sponsor must possess adequate financial resources to support the dependents.


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What Documents Are Necessary for a Spouse Visa Application?

The specific documents required for a Spouse Visa application vary based on the spouse's nationality and country of residence. Essential documents include a passport copy, birth certificate, proof of relationship, and police reports. The foundational documents typically include:

  • Wedding certificate
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Valid passport
  • Relationship authenticity photographs (e.g., family pictures)
  • Joint housing bills
  • Joint bank account statements
  • Any additional requirements specified by immigration authorities

In some countries, both the primary applicant and the spouse must be above 18 years old, requiring a birth certificate for verification. The primary applicant should demonstrate financial capacity through bank statements to support their spouse and dependents.

How to Apply for a Family Visa?

To apply for a Family Visa, gather the necessary documents, including a valid travel ID or passport, expired passports, proof of relationship with the sponsoring family member, evidence of meeting financial requirements, and proof of English language proficiency. The application process involves booking a visa interview appointment, completing the visa application form, assembling required documents, attending the visa interview, paying the applicable visa fee, and awaiting a decision on the visa application.

English Language Test Requirements for Spouse Visa:

While English proficiency is necessary, an IELTS or similar certificate is not universally required. In the UK, IELTS is mandatory, but in Europe, such certification is not obligatory.

Requirements for a Sponsor:

Sponsors must meet basic requirements, including the ability to financially support dependents and hold permanent residency or a valid work permit.

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