Universities and higher education

Australia’s universities and higher education providers offer degree qualifications at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate levels.

  • 9 of the world’s top 100 universities - Source: QS World University Rankings 2024
  • 95% of universities ranked globally - Source: QS World University Rankings 2024
  • 6 of the world’s top 50 student cities - Source: QS Best Student Cities 2024

Browse study options

  • Postgraduate qualifications
    • Learn about postgraduate study options in Australia, including graduate certificates and graduate diplomas, masters degrees and doctoral degrees (PhDs).
  • Undergraduate qualifications
    • Learn about the different types of undergraduate qualifications offered by Australian universities and other higher education providers.
  • Research opportunities
    • Australian research degrees provide access to world-class education, cutting-edge innovation, life-changing opportunities, and a supportive academic community.
  • Pathways to university
    • If you don’t meet the requirements to get into a course in Australia, a Foundation Studies, English or other pathway course can help you reach your goals.

Top Universities to study in Australia

When deciding which university to study at, it is crucial that you also look at the world university rankings.

QS Ranking of Australian Universities
S.No. Institution QS Ranking 2023 (Globally) QS Ranking 2022 (Globally)
1 The Australian National University 30  27
2 The University of Melbourne 33 37
3 The University of Sydney 41 38
4 The University of New South Wales 45 43
5 The University of Queensland 50 47

Check where does your favourite Australian university ranks

When deciding which university to study at, it is crucial that you also look at the world university rankings. This helps you compare and understand where a university ranks and how your desired institution fares on the global map. QS World University Rankings are a good start for the same.

What is QS World University Rankings?

The QS ranking is a yearly release of university rankings created by Quacquarelli Symonds, a British organization specializing in the field of education. It initially emerged in 2004 through a partnership with Times Higher Education under the name "Times Higher Education – QS World University Rankings." However, in 2009, both organisations chose to independently publish their respective versions.

QS World University Rankings Indicators

The QS system ranks universities as per their global standing, and subject-wise performance (which includes 48 different subjects and five faculty areas) along with five regional tables. It considers the university’s reputation among other universities (40%), employers (10%), student-teacher ratio (20%), citations-academic staff ratio (20%) and international outlook including students and staff (10%) for its compilation of top universities in the world.

QS World University Rankings 2024 of Australian Universities

This year, six Australian universities are featured in the world’s top 50, and nine have made it to the top 100.

The next QS World University Ranking is expected to come out in June 2024.

QS Ranking of Australian Universities
S.No. Institution QS Ranking 2024 (Globally) QS Ranking 2023 (Globally)
1 The Australian National University (ANU) 34 30
2 The University of Sydney 19 41
3 The University of Melbourne 14 33
4 The University of South Wales (UNSW Sydney) 19 45
5 The University of Queensland 43 50
6 Monash University 42 57
7 The University of Western Australia 72 90
8 The University of Adelaide 89 109
9 University of Technology Sydney 90 137
10 The University of Wollongong 162 185

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