Invest in Poland

Poland presents an attractive investment landscape, featuring a strategic European location, an expanding economy, a skilled workforce, and appealing investment incentives. Being a member of the European Union, it offers access to a large consumer market and EU funding programs. The country's political stability, competitive costs, and diverse industries make it an appealing destination for investors looking for profitable opportunities in the heart of Europe.

Why Invest in Poland

As of the close of 2020, Poland secured its position as the third most attractive destination in Europe for foreign investments, recording nearly 200 such investments amounting to EUR 10 billion, as reported by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH).

The selection of Poland by companies can be attributed to several factors, including its robust human capital, central geographical location, substantial domestic market (the largest in Central-Eastern Europe), investment-friendly policies featuring incentives for foreign investors, and a solid institutional framework coupled with a stable political climate.

In terms of taxation, Poland boasts the EU's fifth-lowest effective tax rate for creative enterprises, as indicated in the most recent OECD study. Additionally, the World Bank Group ranks Poland at the forefront in the "Transport across borders" category, surpassing many other Central and Eastern European nations, and positions it at 40 overall in the "Doing Business 2020" report.

Furthermore, Poland's political stability and transparent legal system contribute to a secure environment for investors. Leveraging its membership in the European Union, Poland enables companies to access EU funding programs, facilitating support for research, innovation, and expansion initiatives.


Poland extends a variety of incentives and advantages to attract both local and international investors, nurturing a favorable business environment and stimulating economic expansion. Among the notable incentives for investors in Poland are:

  • Investment Grants: The Polish government allocates financial grants and subsidies to bolster new investment projects, particularly in strategic sectors or less developed regions.
  • Tax Incentives: Investors stand to gain from diverse tax incentives, encompassing reduced corporate income tax rates, accelerated depreciation, and exemptions related to specific business activities.
  • Special Economic Zones (SEZ): Companies operating within designated SEZ benefit from additional advantages, including tax breaks, reduced land costs, and simplified administrative procedures.
  • EU Funding: Being a member state of the European Union, Poland can tap into EU funding programs, which furnish financial backing for research, innovation, and development endeavors.
  • Support for Innovation: The government extends grants and assistance to foster research and development initiatives, encouraging innovation and technological progress.
  • Employee Training Initiatives: Investors have the opportunity to engage in government-backed programs for employee training, facilitating the enhancement of workforce skills and overall productivity.
  • Assistance for Export: Initiatives are in place to support companies in broadening their export activities and entering global markets.
  • Development of Infrastructure: Continual investments in infrastructure, transportation, and logistics contribute to improved connectivity and streamlined business operations.
  • Streamlined Procedures: Certain investment projects may enjoy accelerated administrative procedures to simplify the establishment process.
  • Labor Market Assistance: Companies hiring new personnel, particularly in specific sectors, may receive support through recruitment assistance or wage subsidies.
  • Industry-Specific Benefits: Poland provides tailored incentives for specific industries, such as renewable energy, technology, and innovation-focused sectors.
  • Regional Growth: Incentives are on offer to attract investors to less-developed regions, fostering balanced economic growth throughout the country.
  • Protection of Intellectual Property: Poland ensures robust protection of intellectual property rights and offers legal support to safeguard investors' interests.
  • Business Support Entities: Investors can avail themselves of guidance and advice from various business support institutions and investment agencies.

These incentives collectively aim to cultivate a favorable investment climate, draw foreign capital, spur economic development, and enhance competitiveness in Poland.

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