Why Australia

Australia is a top destination for international students. Find out more about our high-quality education system, globally ranked universities, diverse and welcoming culture.

World class education

Australia offers some of the best universities in the world, a great student experience and qualifications valued by employers around the world.

Australia is one of the world’s top study destinations for international students. 

For many years, Australian universities have ranked among the best in the world for quality education, student satisfaction and overall global reputation. Check out independent rankings such as Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings, QS World University Rankings and the Shanghai/Academic Rankings of World Universities (ARWU).   Highlights include:

  • 95% ranked globally - QS World University rankings
  • 9 in top 100 - QS World University rankings, including 3 in top 20
  • 15 in top 100 - THE Global Impact Rankings on United Nations SDGs
  • 9 in top 100 - QS Global Graduate Employability Rankings

Australian universities are also ranked in the top 50 worldwide in the study areas of Engineering and Technologies, Life Sciences and Medicine, Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences and Management in the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023. 

Globally recognised qualifications

Your Australian qualification can open up global career opportunities.

Graduates of Australian courses are in demand. Employers in Australia and worldwide know that Australian qualifications are current, industry-relevant and of a world-class standard.

An exciting history of innovation

Australian education providers encourage their students to think big and achieve their goals.

Among Australia’s international alumni are leading scientists, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, artists and humanitarians. Some have become world leaders in groundbreaking research and development and have helped to change the world for the better.

The work of researchers at Australian institutions has benefited millions worldwide, from the discovery of penicillin to the development of the cervical cancer vaccine, Wi-Fi, the Cochlear implant, and so many more life-changing innovations.

Quality education standards

Australia’s international education system is strictly regulated to protect your rights and care for your welfare.

In Australia, there is a system of quality control and government accreditation to ensure you have the best study experience. This system has been specially designed for international students. 

  • The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) regulates courses delivered by Australian education and training providers. It also enables different countries to recognise your qualification and issue a comparable qualification. 
  • Every course offered to international students by an Australian higher education provider, vocational education and training provider, Foundation college, ELICOS provider or school must meet the Australian Government’s strict quality standards. 
  • All higher education providers in Australia must complete a demanding accreditation process to deliver the highest standard of teaching and learning. They must also go through regular, formal reviews to ensure they meet these standards. 
  • Australia also has a set of laws to protect our international students' rights' called The Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act).

Protection for you and your study experience

Australia has a set of laws and regulations to protect the rights of all international students.

Special laws in Australia protect the rights of international students. These are covered in the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act).  The ESOS Act helps to ensure international students in Australia receive a high-quality education in a safe and fair environment. 

Real world learning

Australian courses focus on learning for the real world. Find out how studying with Australia will give you the knowledge, skills and experiences valued by employers around the world.

Australian qualifications are designed to set you up for future success in your life and work. 

The ‘real-world’ teaching and learning style means that what you learn and how you learn will prepare you for working in your chosen career. 

Academic standards in Australia are consistently high. Our education providers' focus is on helping students develop professionally and personally. From thinking creatively and building 21st Century ‘soft skills’, to taking part in industry-linked courses or work experience, our qualifications will make sure you graduate job-ready.

New ways of thinking and learning

When you study with Australia, you’ll be encouraged to think and learn in new ways.

Employers worldwide are looking for innovative thinkers and skilled professionals. Australian education providers have tailored their teaching and learning styles to meet employer and industry needs. No matter what you study, you will be encouraged to be creative and look at issues from different angles.

Australian qualifications require more than just memorising text or formulas. Our courses will encourage you to think like an entrepreneur – to look for opportunities, adapt to change, and view mistakes as a chance to try something different or improve.

Australian culture and lifestyle

Australia is a great place to live and learn. Vibrant cities and towns offer safe, friendly and welcoming communities.

Friendly and welcoming communities

International students from all over the world are welcomed by Australia’s friendly, vibrant and multicultural communities.

  • Australia's culturally diverse communities make it a special place to live. Almost a third of the population was born overseas and 23 per cent speak a language other than English at home.
  • When you study in Australia, you will also join a vibrant international student community. More than half a million international students from 192 countries choose to study in Australia.
  • From the moment you arrive in Australia, you can expect to feel welcome. There are student welcome services at every international airport to help you find your way around your new home.

A safe place to live and study 

Australia is a popular destination for international students because of its reputation as a safe place to live and study. 

Personal and religious freedom

  • In Australia, people are encouraged to respect the rights and freedoms of others, no matter where they come from, their political choices or religion. Whether you practise Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Christianity or any other religion, you will find communities and places of worship where you can connect with people of the same faith.  You can feel safe to practise your chosen faith with laws that protect your religious freedom.
  • Australia is one of the world’s most politically stable countries.  The country’s leaders are elected through a process that is transparent and fair. 
  • Citizens enjoy freedom of speech and individual rights. 
  • Australia's long-term stability is backed by a well-established system of law and government that protects the individual rights of citizens and visitors.

A high standard of living

  • Australia has a high standard of living supported by an educated workforce and a high level of innovation. 
  • The quality of education, healthcare, transport, infrastructure and government services in Australia are all above international averages.
  • Australian cities and towns have some of the lowest crime rates in the world. Our streets and public spaces offer security and freedom not always found in other parts of the world. 
  • Strict laws protect Australia's clean, green environments so you can enjoy a safe and healthy environment, including in our cities and regional centres.  

Food to suit every taste

Whether you’re looking for a taste of home or you want to try something new you will be spoilt for choice in Australia. 

  • Thanks to Australia’s diverse, multicultural population and clean, green environments, our food scene is thriving.
  • Fertile rural and coastal regions supply healthy produce to supermarkets in cities and towns nationwide. This means you can enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood all year.
  • Australia enjoys a rich variety of food from around the world. You can find almost every international cuisine in restaurants, cafés, takeaway eateries and hotels across the country.
  • During your stay, you will also have plenty of opportunities to try traditional Aussie foods like Vegemite, ANZAC biscuits, Tim Tams, and Lamingtons.

Support while you study 

The Australian Government and education providers work together to ensure international students have a great student experience. 

Australian education providers at all levels have dedicated staff members who look after your welfare and well-being as an international student.

These dedicated staff, often called ‘international student advisers’, are available to help answer any questions you have as an international student. Many cities and towns also have dedicated international student hubs and centres.

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