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Think Europe Services, recognized as the premier Employment, Study, Visa & Career Consultant in Europe, holds the esteemed No.1 position and is likely the largest B2B & B2C Migration Advisor, established in 2010. Our focus lies in facilitating seamless transitions and providing comprehensive support in the areas of employment, education, and visa services. Committed to excellence, Think Europe Services has earned trust as a reliable resource, crafting successful migration experiences for both individuals and businesses. With a global presence, Think Europe Services operates as an overseas employment, study, and career consultant, registered with Company Registration Number: 523920388, Region: KRS 0001007806, and tax identification number NIP 9512557041. As your trusted partners, we navigate the complex and ever-evolving business landscape of Europe, leveraging our profound understanding of the region's diverse markets, cultures, and opportunities. Our expert consultancy services are tailored to empower businesses, organizations, and individuals, ensuring success in this dynamic environment.

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Explore exceptional study opportunities at leading European universities. Whether you seek renowned institutions or specialized programs, Europe provides a range of academic paths. Reach out to us and commence your educational adventure with Think Europe Services now.

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If you aspire to build your career overseas, encounter innovation and professionalism, and achieve success, Think Europe Services is the ideal option for you. We can turn your aspirations into reality by providing guidance on the journey to success. For any questions regarding visas and employment, reach out to our certified experts.

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Europe provides a perfect environment to stimulate innovation and propel business expansion. Whether it's tech startups or sustainable enterprises, there is access to funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities. Our all-encompassing solutions span from business invitations to services in nursing and hospitality.

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Choose Think Europe Services Consulting for unmatched proficiency in education, work, and migration. Our experts provide personalized solutions, ensuring your success. Count on our transparency, global reach, and professional support for your journey's every step. Success starts with Think Europe Services.

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  • What information do you possess about the country you are about to explore?

    Dedicate some time to investigate the particular country you are planning to visit and the broader Schengen Area. Emphasize aspects such as the ease of movement, legal consistency, and cooperation among Schengen nations. Also, discuss specific points of interest for travelers within the Schengen Area, such as the Eiffel Tower, German castles, and Amsterdam. Explain your reasons for choosing the specific country for your upcoming visit.

  • What is the Purpose of Your Visit?

    It is crucial to exhibit confidence when articulating the purpose of your visit. Provide the immigration officer with comprehensive information about why you intend to make the trip, and substantiate your explanation with relevant documents demonstrating the purpose, such as documents related to sightseeing in France, professional training, therapy appointments, studies, or other relevant reasons.

  • During your time in the Schengen Area, do you plan to actively pursue employment opportunities?

    If you are applying for a study or other visa that explicitly prohibits seeking employment within the Schengen Area, it is imperative that you refrain from job hunting. Clearly articulate in your explanation that your primary intention is not to secure employment, underscoring your thorough understanding of the specific limitations outlined by the visa requirements.

  • When is your scheduled trip to the Schengen Area?

    The embassy or consulate representative seeks a direct response to this question for various reasons, even though the information may be available in your booked flight ticket. Primarily, the diplomatic office aims to ensure your awareness of the visa's validity constraints and your commitment to staying within the allowed duration in the Schengen Area. Therefore, provide an answer aligned with the dates specified in your booked round-trip flight itinerary or ticket.

  • Where do you plan to reside during your stay?

    As you may be journeying across the Schengen Area, when addressing your stay in this region, specify the particular accommodation where you'll be residing instead of providing detailed information about all the places you intend to visit. Ensure that your response aligns entirely with the proof of accommodation provided, among other supporting documents submitted with your application.

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